Our Tanzania safari itineraries are designed specifically for travelers who want to experience off beaten track. We endeavor to create the right balance between scheduled itinerary and plenty of fun free time. You will not be heavily overloaded with lots of unnecessary information. Let’s face it you are on holiday after all.
We aim to keep our tours to groups of 6-10, because a shared Tanzania safari is a great way to meet new people and reduce costs but (except if you are traveling solo) we recommend a private safari since the price difference is not very significant, we want to make sure that your experience is personal and fun! You will get to interact better with our guides and ask plenty of questions, and you’d be able to benefit from full itinerary customization, travel at your own rhythm and pace and have more free space in the car. In fact, we specialize in tailor made safaris.

Not only will you find a variety of birds and animals in the parks, but also colorful flowers, butterflies and reptiles. For avid divers there is a vibrant underwater world of marine life to be explored on the reefs of the Indian Ocean. On our trips you will also learn more about the different cultures and tribes found in East Africa such as the Maasai, Meru, Chagga and Iraqw people.

Tanzania is a fascinating country with diverse landscapes – majestic summits, clear lakes and mighty streams, lush rainforest and open savannahs. These often unspoiled areas form unique habitats for a large variety of animals as well as over 1000 bird species. Mt Kilimanjaro (5895m) is the highest mountain in Africa and Mt Meru the ninth highest. The Serengeti National Park with its endless savannah and Ngorongoro Crater (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) both offer unbelievable game viewing while the islands of Pemba and Zanzibar are perfect for relaxing, swimming and diving after a bush safari.

Almost as multifaceted as the Tanzanian landscape, are the people and their culture. Over 120 tribes with their own traditional languages and rites live together harmoniously in Tanzania.