Excellent Guides is firmly grounded in the diverse culture and traditions of Tanzania and our love of the country is at the heart of everything we do. We were founded and are owned by a team of local safari guides, who grew up here and know the land like the back of their hands.

Excellent Guides’ core value is “Serving with Excellence and Passion”. We believe an excellent holiday allows you to discover breathtaking places and get to know and immerse yourself in foreign cultures. We want you to return home with lasting memories and an authentic impression of our country.


When you love our continent, Africa, as much as we do, you feel compelled to share that passion.  That’s why it has been a joy to welcome guests to our incredible continent for many years. For us, it is not just about showing you wildlife; it’s also about understanding our people and culture and the efforts that are underway to conserve our habitats and protect these endangered animals. Our expert safari guides, rangers, and Excellent Guides leadership team are well-versed in the geography and wildlife, and freely share that knowledge to enhance your African safari holiday experience.  You will experience Africa through their eyes and reveal a hidden side of the wildlife. We have cultivated great relationships with the local people, including the Maasai, Datoga and Bushman. They will welcome you warmly and provide a unique opportunity for cultural exploration and exchange.